Places to visit in Meghalaya l A unexplored beauty and must to travel place
Aug 2020

Things to do in Meghalya

This blog discusses the places that you must visit when you are planning a trip to Meghalaya, one of the seven sisters of the Indian Territory is a perfect tourist destination offering plenty of opportunities to merge into nature's charm. Beautify by the  Admirable beauty of waterfalls lavish green meadows, the simple artistic villages, and the majestic Khasi and Garo Hills. Meghalaya is a traveler's paradise. Let us explore some of the amazing and best things to do in Meghalaya to fascinate your mind and soul.

The Gushing Waterfalls:-
Meghalaya is said to be the Queen of Waterfalls in India. The cloud of mist is one of the spectacular views you can witness in the region. The falls are a photographer's delight, offering the chances of capturing some mind-blowing pictures of mother Nature's wonderful creation. Some of the Outstanding waterfalls you can visit in the state are Nohkalikhai Falls, Dain-Thein Falls, Kynrem Falls, Elephant Falls, and the Seven Sisters Falls.

Witnessing each of these waterfalls is one of the best things to do in Meghalaya. Nohkalikhai Falls is fabulous among them on being the tallest waterfall in India. The most popular being the Elephant Falls, a three-tiered waterfall falling down through the wild forest. 

The Pristine Umiam Lake:-

Relaxing at the banks on the serene Umiam Lake and pampering Yourself in its natural beauty is one of the amazing things to do in Meghalaya. The turquoise waters of the lake surround by the forest plantations transform the environment into dreamland. You will be spellbound by its breathtaking landscape. If you are an adventurous person and love water sports then you can go for boating on the cool waters of the lake. 

You can enjoy the big lake while being refreshed by the calm and soothing breeze. The beauty of the lake genuinely earns Meghalaya the name of "The Scotland of the East".

Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point:-

For nature fans and photographers, one of the impressive things to do in Meghalaya is to visit the viewpoint at Mawkdok Dympep Valley. You can climb the Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge near the viewpoint to observe the breathtaking.views of the Khasi Hills. It is wonderful to watch the glittering sun rays over the mountain slopes and the beautiful valleys. Few steps take you to the viewpoint to watch the real beauty of nature. You can find several shops selling gift items and woolen garments. 

One attractive feature is dressing up in the Traditional Khasi attire and clicking some memorable pictures. The garments are available on rent and the ladies will help you to dress up in the traditional style.

Drench yourself into the mesmerizing beauty of Mawsynram:-

Considered as the wettest region in the world, visiting Mawsynram is one of the stunning things to do in Meghalaya.
It is a beautiful village surrounded by green hills and amazing waterfalls. You can spend a quiet and relaxing weekend in the heart of the village. But do not forget to carry your umbrella or raincoat as you may face the rains anytime during the day.

The village is located at the top of the Khasi hill ranges. The line of hillocks, the green plains, and the streams of waterfalls across the valleys are a treat to the eyes.

The Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong:-

Walking along with the scenic view at the Mawlynnong village and exploring the natural path bridge is one of the major attractive things to do in Meghalaya. Mawlynnong is known as the cleanest village in Asia. Both sides of the village are surrounded by artistic houses, beautiful gardens full of colorful flowers, and few shafts for you to ascend near a treetop to watch the breathtaking scenery around.

The unique thing of this root bridge is the intertwining of the roots of the huge Banyan trees. You need to climb down some steps to access the bridge. It's an amazing experience to watch nature's wonderful creation such strongly built that you can walk across it.

Air Force Museum:-

If you are interested in Indian military forces and the arms and weapons used by them, then you must not miss out visiting the Air Force Museum. The museum has the replicas of various fighter aircraft, rockets, missiles, and several photographs of the wars with China and Pakistan. The museum is situated on a huge campus of the Easter High Command and has the moments of glory of the Indian Air Force. It will make you feel proud as Indians to learn about the extraordinary achievements of the brave IAF soldiers.

Go shopping at Police Bazaar:-

If you have a desire for shopping, then you must not miss out visiting Police Bazaar in Shillong. The market is full of different kinds of shops and stalls selling handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, gift items, souvenirs, and many more. The shops are spread out in the shape of a big circle and do not have traffic, comfortable for the visitors to walk around and search for their famous products. Various food items are also sold at Police Bazaar. You can find a lot of grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stalls, dried fruits, and spices stalls in the market. 

Winter clothes are found in large quantities and are quite popular especially due to the cold climatic conditions of Meghalaya.

Enjoy walking along the David Scott Trail:-

You can please your adventurous mind by trekking along the 16 km long path surround by the wild forests of the Khasi Hills. The walking path across small beautiful villages, glittering streams, natural rock sculptures, and the green meadows. It is a perfect place to experiencing an exciting journey  nature's amazing landscape.

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