Trip to dharmshala
Mar 2020
08 Mar 2020
Trip to Dharmshala
India is a Beautiful country, and there are several places that we can visit if we wish to make it beautiful memories. One such place that I visited is Dharmshala, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh. I went to Dharmshala on my College trip with my batch mates and my Friends in a bus. We head out directly from our college to Himachal, when we reached Dharmashala we all were very excited and tired. Weather was very cold and nice there in the last week of March. After reaching Dharmshala the bus stopped at the bus stand we all jump out the bus and get our bags and head toward our campus while walking with our luggage we all hike around 500 meters to our army campus and then we all get fresh and head towards The Dalai Lama

Temple and local markets of Mcleodganj. Next day we are gone for rock climbing. Master taught us about the types of Knots that we use in climbing like safety knots, universal knots and many more and they told us about the safety equipments that we used in Rock Climbing. On that day we all are enjoying a lot while seeing my friends doing activities. Next day we were gone for another adventure activity which was rappling I had a great time while having rappling. The next day we went on a trek to Ghera for another activity we head out from there after we had our breakfast we were head out to Ghera for River Crossing. We reached Ghera in afternoon and after that we learned that how we can make our own tent and then we divided into groups of seven and then we started tenting our tents which we have given. At the same night we had a bonfire we all enjoyed a lot we played many games like antakshri, Truth and dare and many more.

Next day we head to the spot where we were having an adventure activity the spot was very beautiful the water was very cold and we enjoyed a lot after doing river crossing we all were in the water having fun splashing water on each other and I had a great time there while performing these adventure activities we all get back to our camp site and then the wether has changed there it starting rain there and there was snow balls in the rain we all head out from our tents and enjoyed the weather after we all head towards our campus from cab. Next day we all were having a day for leisure I head out with my friends to look around we explore that place me and my friends went to a restaurant the food was there was delicious and the service was also good and the staff was friendly too. After we had food we all went to local markets of Dharmshala and shopped the stuffs for my family and bought some food stuff from the market. Next day we have done one more adventure activity called artificial rock climbing but it was very difficult to perform. The next day we had a trek to Triund which was very far from Dharmshala , the view was beautiful and there was a little bit of snow on the floors we stayed there for a little bit and get back to our campus till evening. The next day we all head towards bus stand we reached our college next early morning around 7,o clock.

How To Reach:-
By Air-Direct flight From Delhi International Airport To Kangra Airport.
BY Bus and By Car -Well connected Road From Delhi and Other Northern India States.

Distance From Delhi- 470 Km

3 Star Hotel starts From Rs 1500 per night.

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