Must have in bag for first time flyer
Jul 2021

Must have in the bag for the first-time flyer

Flight journey is a dream of every person on this planet. some people even can’t think whether he can travel in flight in his lifetime or not.but those who can be lucky then they can be part of at least a one-time flight journey are memorable experienced. All of us booked tickets, hotels, or holiday packages as per our needs, but the only problem is some people make some checklist but the other hand some people forget to make a list that what we need travel essentials during their first time in flight. So here is a checklist of travel needs for the first time flight traveler

Travel bags or luggage:-

The first item on our list is a travel bag or luggage. while choosing your luggage bag points you should keep in your mind that it should be light-weighted, have pockets for petty items like socks handkerchief etc.have strong zip so you can access whenever you want the adjustable handle heavy fabric or non-breakable plastic.
While choosing a bag you should keep in mind the size of the bag etc. 

Clothing essentials:-

This is a case where you have to select according to the culture, region, and climate of the destination place and your motive to go. Generally men needs:- shirt, t-shirt, shorts, full pants including jeans, comfortable underpants & undershirts, suits, jackets, pullover, sweatshirts, etc.
Women needs shirts,t shirts,suits,saree,dresses,shorts,pant including jeans comfortable bra & panties,bikni wear,jackets,sweatshirts,pullover ,camisole jewelry etc.
Some other clothes that men and women both need a handkerchief, socks, hats, raincoats and jackets, goggles. 


You have to walk a lot to explore the place, it is possible only when you have a good footwear.footwear much be comfortable. Some footwear you can check i.e flips flop, shoes, slippers, etc.

 Toiletries items:-

Days start with this and end with this.the items you should keep in your list are:-
Toothbrush, toothpaste and tongue cleaner.
Comb, hair oil, hair gel, and hair spray.
Soap, paper soap, shampoo, and conditioner
Hand sanitize
Deodorant and perfume.
Menstrual pad etc.
Wet wipes.
Moisturizing cream and sunscreen lotion. 

Medical list:-

You must keep a list of your doctor's prescription letters and other medicine boxes which were you take on a daily basis. 

Mosquito repellents and spray:-

Today's risk of malaria and dengue is very high .so we must precaution over self rather than we kept it our list. 

Electronics items:-

Today’s era is an era of electronics.we can’t even think without any use of electronics here is our list:

Mobile phone and charger
Earphone and headphone
Power bank

Some other miscellaneous items:-

Valid id card
Flight tickets
Hotel voucher or itinerary
Debit or credit card.

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