Narkanda- A Weekend Getaway to Himachal Pradesh l Fresh Hill Station
Sep 2020
30 Sep 2020
Narkanda- Getaway to hill station

Narkanda is a tourist destination located between the valleys of rivers Sutlej and Giri in Himachal Pradesh. The place is famous for its skiing, angling, and other winter sports facilities, its scenic views of snow-clad mountains make it a popular tourist destination. About 65 km from Shimla, surrounded by the Sivalik range, the town started its skiing facility in 1981 and the HPTDC conducts courses regularly. 

The place was once a  small hill station along the old India-Tibet road, Narkanda became an important post on the road when Lord Dalhousie ordered the construction of the road in order to create trade ties with Tibet. Narkanda is an ideal getaway for photography enthusiasts and the people who want to relax in an undisturbed and tranquil location, far away from the bustling city life. The breathtaking lakes, peaks, and inspiring meadows of Narkanda leave their mark on the mind of a traveler. Tani Jubbar Lake is one of the most important tourist attractions here. 

There also exists a temple near the lake which is a must-visit for all tourists and devotees coming here. Stokes Apple Farm, Hatu Temple, Hatu Peak, Mahamaya Temple, Kotgarh, and Thanedar are the other famous places to visit in Narkanda. The slopes of the hill town are perfect for the skills of beginners as well as experienced skiers. 

How To Reach:

Narkanda is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and can be accessed by road from most major parts of the state. It is located at a convenient distance from Shimla which is well-connected with the rest of India. Here is how to reach Narkanda:

The closest airport is at Jubbarhatti, 85 km away. The airport is well connected to Kullu and Delhi. Chandigarh Airport is also a good option as it is better connected to cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Amritsar, Indore, etc.

Shimla is the nearest railway station to Narkanda at a distance of 65 km.

Narkanda is 60 km from Shimla. Shimla is well connected to most major cities in India by regular bus service.

There are several private- and government-run hotels and resorts available in Narkanda that offer clean and comfortable accommodation.

While tourists prefer to eat indoors due to the cold weather conditions, make sure you try a local Dhaba in Narkanda at least once.

Narkanda is an all-year-round destination, the time between April to June is the best time to visit this place because of pleasant weather, whereas January to March is the best time to visit if you are interested in skiing.

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