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Yes, booking the tickets will offer great benefit in the following ways .

You need to know that your bookings are made with a legal fully licensed tour operator.

  1. You would be able to save time by booking the tickets with us as we are prompt in organizing all the hotels, tours, flights, etc
  2. You can tailor your dream destination and get the itineraries from our local expert planner.
  3. “Customer satisfaction” is our unique goal and we keep striving hard to reach the ultimate goal.
It depends on which part of India if you wish to visit. In case you are interested in visiting Ladakh or other parts of Himalaya then summer season is the best time. If you want to visit Rajasthan, other parts of North India or Souht India then winter season ( October till March ) is ideal period. Even travelling during monsoon months (July – September) is also not a bad idea to visit Rajasthan and other places it presents a good tourism opportunity during this time as one can stay at Luxury or Palace hotels without spending a fortune during those months.
Yes, it is required for the travellers who are on an expedition in India with Max Holidays to carry a travel insurance along with them that shall be attained from their home country only. A travel insurance is a highly necessary element for travelling as the nature, cost and the availability of the health care varies from region to region across the world.
We have English speaking guides all over INDIA. At many places , we also have french , German , Spanish ,Italian and Japenese and other language speaking guides. We can also provide accompanying foreign language speaking tourist guides for individuals and groups. The availability of foreign language speaking guides can be confirmed at the time of reservation.
The contact details of our tour executive who is going to pick you up from the airport shall be shared before the commencement of your journey. Apart from this, there are certain travel trips which are needed to be mandatorily followed and you can have a look at them on: https://www.bagpack2go.com
Booking tour packages for more than one people comes under “Group Tour” package. We ensure to offer a wide range of attractive group tour packages along with the itineraries and guide. Group tour is really fun and pleasurable too.
Yes, it actually depends upon the package you chose. Customers are given the option to select their preferred package suiting to their time schedule. After confirming your tour package, you can check more details by contact our customer service team directly....
We normally need an advance amount once we are able to confirm you arrangements for the tour. The amountt depends on the services you may require for the tour. This can be paid through bank transfer (before arrival) credit card, traveller’s cheques or cash. We need balance payment before arrival. The exact terms will be given at the time of reservation.
Max Holidays is indulged in booking the domestic air carriers for the convenient trip of our travellers and also, each and every booking is done in the economy class. The flight fares and other related elements are unconfirmed unless and until they are finally ticketed and also, they can also change without any pre-notice. However, if you are looking forward to travel in a higher class then you can have a communication regarding the same with our travel consultant.
No, there is no need for you to confirm the flight reservation. Once you have registered, our ticketing team will instantly send you a SMS and email directly to your mail address. After checking this, you can confirm whether you have correctly booked the tour packages.
We provide truly 24 X 7 assistance. Our office is open 24 hours a day which means that you will always have someone to assist you even at any point of time. We shall also give you mobile nos. of executives who you may call in case of any need ..