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Web check-in 

After the pandemic, web check-in for travel in airline are mandatory for all passengers. All airlines are made it compulsory and mandatory for web check-in. We are observed that some information are common for all airlines web check -in. All passengers are to submit some information while doing web check-in. These details are-

  • Passenger reservation number(PNR) or E-ticket number of flight ticket
  • Passengers name
  • health condition
  • Departure city stay address
  • seat selection
  • Meal preference
  • know about what items to check-in or not
  • conditions regarding hand baggage

Domestic Airlines Web check-in

Air Asia

Air India

Vistara Airlines

Go Air


Indigo Airlines


International Airlines web check-in


Thai Airways

Singapore Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Etihad Airways

Air India express