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Use of the bagpack2go Services:

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before registering on the website www.Bagpack2go.com. (The "Site") is published and maintained by Bagpack2go. Bagpack2go is incorporated and existing in accordance with the laws of India When you access, browse or use this Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions set forth here in. When you access any of the sub-Site (whether belonging to an 'associate' of bagpack2go or otherwise) through this Site, then such sub-Site may have its own terms and conditions, which are specific to such sub-Site.

We believe in customer satisfaction than making of huge profit. We provided satisfaction in all working areas. Our mission is to provide the smile on every traveler traveling. We believe that every Individual traveler can fly and travel with us using our services of holiday packages, flight, hotels and bus in the best price.


By registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading or using the BagPack2Go Platform for any general purpose or for the specific purpose of benefit any BagPack2Go Service, You agree to be bound by the single-sign-on ID terms and conditions set forth below as well as by the service-specific terms and conditions applicable to each BagPack2Go Service (hereinafter collectively, the T&Cs). These T&Cs shall also include any additional or modified terms and conditions in relation to the SSOID or any additional or modified service-specific terms and conditions in relation to any BagPack2Go Service or any future service that may be offered by BagPack2Go on the BagPack2Go Platform. By registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading or using (as applicable) the BagPack2Go Platform or availing any BagPack2Go Service or the SSOID, You automatically and immediately agree to all the T&Cs. If at any time You do not accept or agree with any of the T&Cs or do not wish to be bound by the T&Cs, You may not access, browse or use the BagPack2Go Platform and immediately terminate Your availing the BagPack2Go Services. Accepting or agreeing to the T&Cs will constitute a legal contract (hereinafter Agreement) between You, being at least 18 years of age and an individual user of the BagPack2Go Platform or a customer or beneficiary of the BagPack2Go Services, and BagPack2Go. All services are rendered by BagPack2Go through the BagPack2Go Platform under the brand name BagPack2Go (or any derivatives or variations thereof). Consequently, all the rights, benefits, liabilities and obligations under the T&Cs shall, as the case may be, accrue to the benefit of, or incurred by, BagPack2Go, regarding Your use of BagPack2Go digital services (which includes but may not be limited Car tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms or flight tickets), the semi closed travel service, the marketplace service or any such other services which may be added on the BagPack2Go Platform and which will henceforth be a BagPack2Go Service, from time to time. The BagPack2Go Services shall be used by You subject to Your adherence with the T&Cs. As long as You accept and comply with these T&Cs, BagPack2Go grants You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable privilege to enter and use the BagPack2Go Platform and/or avail the BagPack2Go Services.

Coupon Redemption

In addition to the T&Cs, coupon redemption is subject to standard and specified terms and conditions mentioned by respective retailers. Coupons are issued on behalf of respective retailers. Hence, any damages, injuries, losses incurred by the You as a result of using the coupon is not the responsibility of BagPack2Go and its affiliates, and each of their directors, officers, employees. Total cashback for a user cannot be more than 50% of his payments or Rs 10,000, whichever is higher. This term supersedes any offer related to any other BagPack2Go Service.


The BagPack2Go Services are not available to persons under the age of 18 or to anyone previously suspended or removed by BagPack2Go from availing the BagPack2Go Services or accessing the BagPack2Go Platform. By accepting the T&Cs or by otherwise using the BagPack2Go Services on the BagPack2Go Platform, You represent that You are at least 18 years of age and have not been previously suspended or removed by BagPack2Go, or disqualified for any other reason, from availing the BagPack2Go Services or using the BagPack2Go Platform. In addition, You represent and warrant that You have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all the T&Cs as part of this Agreement. Finally, You shall not impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent Your identity, age or affiliation with any person or entity. Finally, in the event of any violation of the T&Cs, BagPack2Go reserves the right to suspend or permanently prevent You from availing BagPack2Go Services or using the BagPack2Go Platform.

As long as you comply with the terms of these Terms and Conditions of Use, bagpack2go grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to enter, view and use and transact on this Site. You agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of this Site in any way.

Access to certain areas of the Site may only be available to registered members. To become a registered member, you may be required to answer certain questions or provide certain details. Answers to such questions or details required may be mandatory and/or optional. You represent and warrant that all information you supply to us, about yourself, and others, is true and accurate.

This site is for consumer use only. Any travel agent/tour operator/consolidator/aggregator should not use this site for individual/group bookings. In the event of bookings by any travel agent/tour operator/consolidator/aggregator through the Site are detected, the bagpack2go reserves the right, including without limitation, to cancel such bookings immediately without any notice to such travel agent/tour operator/aggregator/consolidator and/or to withhold payments/commissions thereto. The various discounts and offers mentioned on the Site are applicable to the Consumer for the purposes of end use only.


All materials on this Site, including but not limited to audio, images, software, text, icons and such like (the "Content"), are protected by copyright under international conventions and copyright laws. You cannot use the Content for any purpose, except as specified here in.

You agree to follow all instructions which provided on this Site limiting the way you may use it.

Bagpack2go Rights

If you send any communications or materials to Bagpack2go by electronic mail or otherwise, including any comments, data, questions, suggestions or the like, all such communications are, and will be treated by Bagpack2go, as non-confidential.

Any material submitted to this Site may be adapted, broadcasted, changed, copied, disclosed, licensed, performed, posted, published, sold, transmitted or used by Bagpack2go anywhere in the world, in any medium, forever.

Refund Policy

48 hours or more prior to excursion date - 100% refund

24 hours or more prior to excursion date - date changes, subject to availability

Less than 48 hours prior to tour date, as well as no shows and late arrivals - no refunds

Grievance policy:

BagPack2Go strongly believes in a sincere and transparent approach to its users. You trust and love us and we would never put growth before trust. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints, grievances and disappointments via channelized approach, review and redressal.

You can file a grievance / share feedback if you are disappointed with the services rendered by BagPack2Go or any other issues. You can give your grievance / feedback through email or snail mail.

In order to make BagPack2Go redressal channels more meaningful and effective, a structured system has been put in place. This system will ensure that the complaints are redressed seamlessly and well within the stipulated timeframe.

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your domestic flight bookings online. Log in to Booking Cancellation, select the relevant booking and click on the Cancel button. For online cancellation, BagPack2Go will charge Rs. 400 per person per sector as standard cancellation charges.

To amend/cancel your ticket offline, call BagPack2Go Customer Care on +91-11-27579111. For all offline cancellation of domestic flights a standard charge of Rs. 1250 per person per sector, over and above the airline's own cancellation charge will apply. For international flight bookings a standard fee of Rs 1250 per person would be charged for online cancellation and 2250 for any offline cancellation, over and above the airline's own cancellation charge. For rescheduling of domestic flights, BagPack2Go will charge Rs. 400 per person per sector as standard rescheduling charges. For no-show on domestic flights, BagPack2Go will charge Rs. 100 per person per sector as standard no-show charges.

Please refer to airline specific amendment and cancellation policy while using BagPack2Go Services. You may be required to directly contact the nearest airline office (of the concerned airline) to get your reservation cancelled.

Return Policy:

In case of no-show or unutilized bookings, You shall be required to make requests for any valid and applicable refunds, as per the defined policies, within 90 days from the travel date in case of air/ cab/ bus tickets and/or the date of check-in for hotel bookings. No refund would be payable for any requests made after the expiry of 90 days of travel date/ check-in as aforementioned and all unclaimed amounts for such no-show or unutilized bookings shall accordingly be deemed to have been forfeited.

The refund shall be processed within 15-20 working days from the date of the cancellation request. If we have received the payment through a valid credit card, then the same will be refunded to your credit card. Payments made using any other form of payment will be refunded by cheque within a maximum of 30 days from date of receipt of ticket. All refunds shall be processed subject to processing of refunds by the respective airline/service provider.

Please note convenience fee charged at the time of booking will not be refundable.