The Beautiful and peaceful landscapes of Bhutan are mesmerizing you. The sparkling water of its rivers and the rumbling trees in the wind will put you in calm.
Jul 2021
Bhutan all travel guides for 2021

Bhutan all travel guides for 2021

The Beautiful and peaceful landscapes of Bhutan are mesmerizing you. The sparkling water of its rivers and the rumbling trees in the wind will put you in calm. 

How to Reach

Bhutan has made every effort to make its land reachable for people around the globe. This has led to the successful establishment of three domestic, one international airport, and efficient roadways that connect cities within the country and in India.

By Air: The best way to reach Bhutan is via air as this includes an amazing aerial view of the mountains and valleys of the Himalayas. Bhutan's Paro International airport is well connected with the most important cities in the world. 

By Land: There are three main road routes from India, two from the state of Assam and one from the state of West Bengal.

Things To Do in Bhutan:

Land of adventures the mountainous landscape of Bhutan, its green vegetation makes it a fantastic place for sports like cycling, trekking, kayaking, and raftingWhile the Jomolhari treks and the snowman treks take you through the forests of Bhutan you will be thrilled to know several cultural treks will lead you to understand and participate in the unique traditions of Bhutan. Bhutan Government has effectively preserved its forests and wildlife. Bhutan one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. Bhutan has numerous national parks and sanctuary to explore the wildlife i.e The Jigme Dorji National Park, The Royal Manas National Park, Torsa Strict Nature Reserve, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, and more.

During festivals, the mountains seem beautifully colorful. Some temporary stalls are selling traditional and staple food and a variety of other antique things.

There is also an exciting celebration of cultural events in which people gathered and do the famous masked dance and a parade of vibrant costumes.

What To Eat in Bhutan:

Bhutan has a specialty in making Cheese and butter made from Yak milk. Some staple foods of Bhutan are Kewa Datshi and Ema Datshi which are prepared by the potato and chilly in cheese.

Yak meat is served with freshly grown vegetables and rice. Paksha Paa is a lump of aromatic pork meat made with red chilies. In Bhutan there are other amazing drinks to beat the cold weather is butter tea that is flavored with yak butter and tea leaves.

Shopping At Bhutan:

You can buy here hand-woven clothes and warm clothes, jewelry, paintings, traditional clothes, handcrafted bamboo boxes, and carpets.

The most popular markets in Bhutan are Norzim Lam Street and Centenary Farmer’s Weekend market at Thimphu, but you will find many shops all over the land.

Places To Visit In Bhutan:

 Taktsang Monastery

This is the most prominent and picturesque place to visit in Bhutan. This monastery is also to be called Tiger's net as it famous amongst pilgrims, adventurous trekking, and fascinating pictures.

 Punakha Dzong

This is a palace and popular amongst tourists for its beauty. This palace is to be called the palace of great happiness.

 Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimpu 

It is a giant 169 ft tall golden Shakyamuni buddha monument constructed on the anniversary of the Forth king of Bhutan.

 Dochula Pass

It is popular for 108 memorial stupas and has a great tourist attraction in Bhutan.


It is a mountain border of 2 countries i.e Bhutan and Tibet with a height of 7326 m above sea level.

Best time to visit Bhutan:

Winter (December to February): The temperatures drop at this time but the skies are clear and the picturesque view becomes more magical.

Spring (March to May): This is a popular season amongst tourists. This is the trekking time to various places that happens during this season.

Summer (June to September): This is generally regarded as the monsoon in Bhutan. No crowd of tourists was found at this time.

Autumn (October to November): This is regarded as the most crowded season. The majority of tourists arrive in Bhutan in this season. 



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