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Apr 2020
Karnataka travel guide
Karnataka, the largest state in South India is a wonderful blend of cultural, social and economic development. 
Ancient historical and religious monuments and its natural and man-made wonders Karnataka have marked their rightful place in the world tourism. From Fog-covered hills to beaches, from cities where time is rushing to keep pace with modernisation, Karnataka has it all. From Bangalore, Mysore and mangalore to Hampi, Coorg and Gokarna, listed below are the tourist places that you must visit in Karnataka.

Things to do in Karnatka

Tonga Ride:
The number of Tonga has declined over the years, it’s a lovely feel to ride along the road, sitting in the horse drawn carriage decorated with flowers and tinkling bells. 

One of the most popular adventure sports that you could experience in Karnataka, you can do Parasailing and Paragliding clubs in places like Nandi hills and Jakkur Airfield near Bengaluru.

The Silicon Valley of Bengaluru wakes up after sunset to a vibrant world of pubs, street food, coffee houses and restaurants where you can hang out. Visit VV. Puram for veggie food, Richie Rich for ice creams and sundaes.

White water Rafting:
If you enjoy White Water rafting, this one’s for you. An amazing water experience at Coorg.

What to Explore in Karnataka:
Karnataka has so far unexplored places. Visit the shivalinga shaped Shivalinge hill, the picture perfect village of Agumbe, the Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls at the island town of Shivanasamudra, the Fort at Chitradurga.

What to eat in Karnataka:
Karnataka is diversified not only in its cultures and customs, but in its cuisine, too. The staple food is rice and ragi, though you find variations in food like the Udupi, Manglorean and Kodagu cuisines. Some of Karnataka’s dishes like the Mysuru Pak, Mangaluru Poli, a sweet pancake, Mangaluru buns and macaroons and the crispy Mysuru Masala Dosa have become so in style.

Places to Visit in Karnataka

The pride of place as the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore (Bengaluru) is  one of the fastest growing cities in India. The home to some of the best educational institutions and colleges, Bangalore has acquired the tag of student city and has also emerged as the software hub of the country. It is a young, vibrant city offering all modern things like malls, pubs, theaters, cafes, galleries etc. Bangalore is best connected by Air, Railway and Buses with top other cities.These are cities that well connected and direct flights to Bangalore daily:-
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The Palace City of India, Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka. Situated at the base of the hamundi Hills, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country with Mysore Palace. From botanical and zoological gardens to temples, churches and palaces, Mysore has lots to offer.
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Mangalore is a popular marine city of Karnataka. The winding streets lined with coconut trees, terracotta-tiled roofed houses, the breathtaking beaches, some remarkable churches and temples and spicy food. Karnataka is major port for the export of spices, cashew and coffee. 

This captivating hill station located 256 kilometres from Bangalore is a paradise with mouth-watering food, hot coffee, vibrant culture and mesmerising landscape. Its closeness to the Abbey Falls, Dubare Elephant Camp and Rajiv Gandhi National Park makes it impossible to give Coorg a miss.
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Madikeri, a small hill station town, is a famous getaway for locals of Karnataka as well as tourists. Known for some magnificent views from Raja's Seat, rice and paddy fields,  forests and valleys, Madikeri is a weekend trip you must plan. 
The main attraction here is the Madikeri Fort, followed by the Omkareshwar Temple (Shaivite temple as suggested by the name), Abbey Falls and the famous Kamakshi Temple.

The town of the Badami set of temples, the Badami Cave Temple and Agasthya Lake to tour when you visit. The Cave temple is one very significant tourist haunt and a must-visit.

Wayanad is an idyllic town in Kerala,  its the state of elephants too. It is a rural place for all intents and purposes, home to natural wildlife, vegetation and waterfalls. It has  forests coupled with animals like tigers, leopards, egrets and Asiatic giant elephants. Another famous place to visit around is the Soochipura waterfalls.

Hampi even in its ruins today, is majestic, charismatic and alluring. The group of monuments at Hampi, is a artistic and architectural wealth and magnificence.

Pattadakal is the finest specimens of temple architecture that dominate the architectural style in South India.

Bijapur has some of fascinating monuments of Islamic style which blossomed during the reign of the Bahmani Sultanates.

Best time to Visit Karnataka

Winter wakes up with cold mornings and nights, and pleasant days that are ideal for exploring and sightseeing across the town. You’d have a great time going for treks and swapping stories sitting over a campfire.

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