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May 2021
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25 May 2021
Cuisines of Ladakh: 9 Best traditional food to eat in Ladakh

The passion for the adventurous journey of Ladakh runs like a wave of enthusiasm among the youth. But after reaching Ladakh, only one thought comes to mind that what to eat here now? Because in every province in India, there is also a unique role of the cuisine there. Indian traditional food and its cuisine have a unique identity around the world. And Ladakh also has a major share in those traditional dishes. Most of Ladakh's foods are of Tibetan origin and inspired by Chinese food. 

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Whenever you go to Ladakh and then eat these foods at least once

1. Butter Tea: By its name, you will understand what is in this drink. Yes, you heard right, the combination of tea leaves, milk, butter, and salts. It is also known as “Po cha”. This tea is not sweetened but saltier in taste. A perfect drink for Ladakh’s cold and dry weather. Butter is mainly prepared by Yak’s milk but now there is increasing cow’s milk used for preparing butter. This tea is very popular in all Himalayan regions. It prevents chapped lips.

2. Chhang: Chhang by Tibetan origin is a local Ladakh beer. It is made by fermenting rice, barley, or millet. All the grains are kept in bamboo pots and filled with hot water. So that it can be converted into beer in a few days. It is an alcoholic drink and mainly consumed at social events or get together. It is most popular in Tibet, Nepalese also cover high altitude Himalayan region. Chhang has healing properties too hence it protects from the common cold, fever, etc.

3. Skyu: It is another Ladakh’s traditional soup-based food that made of wheat dumplings and barley stew. To make this, dumplings are made by filling the meat first in wheat flour. Then in barley water in the pot, various types of roots vegetables like carrots and turnips are cooked slowly.

4. Tapu: Tapu is a nutrient drink made of boiling wheat flour with apricot seeds in a hot water pot. It is generally prepared and consumed on some special Ladakh occasion. In Ladakh, apricots are grown on a large scale that’s why the locals made these nutrients drinks to protect ourselves from dry and cold weather.

5. Thukpa: This is a noodle base Tibetan meal that is most comfortable to cook. It is very much famous in Leh Ladakh foods and serves across all hotel restaurants and food stalls. This is made of vegetable or meat soup with noodles along with fresh-cut vegetables. 

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6. Momos: Momos is originally a Tibetan and Chinese appetizer that is now popular across all India too. It is steamed vegetable or meat dumplings served with hot chili garlic sauce. It is also served as pan-fried and deep-fried in café and restaurants.

7. Paba: Paba is also a nutritious meal for Ladakh people. It is a kind of roti or Indian flattened bread made of roasted Ladakh's black peas, barley flour, or wheat flour. Earlier it used to be the main food of Ladakh. It is mainly served with buttermilk or Tagtur in Ladakh.

8. Chutagi: It is also a dumpling soup serves cooked with a mild cut of vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and spinach. These bow-tie-shaped dumplings may or may not be stuffed with vegetable or minced meat. 

9. Tingmo: It is white refined flour bread mainly serve with vegetables, dal, and meat. This is a Tibetan bread that is very soft and fluffy and not stuffed with any meat or vegetables. Tingmo is a kind of main course item but sometimes it ate at the time of tea-time snacks.

The best way to know the civilization of India's province is only their traditional foods. Now you like to enjoy Ladakh's traditional food.

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