Ladakh road trip- A complete guide to highest memorable road l Every backpackers dream
Sep 2020
Ladakh- A road trip( Highest memorable road)

Ladakh is a dream destination for Nature Lovers, photography tours, adventure activities, Ladakh is a high-altitude desert in the Indian provenance. Covering an area of 40,000 square miles, it supports a population of only about 120,00. Many areas of Ladakh are still off-limits to foreign visitors due to their proximity to the Chinese and Pakistani borders. Ladakh sometimes referred to as Little Tibet, is popular with tourists because it is home to one of the purest remaining examples of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Visitors come to see culture, tour the Buddhist monasteries, and take in the mountain visits. Ladakh is admired for its scenic views, snow-capped mountains, icy lakes and the roads.

Ladakh is bordered by the Karakoram chain of mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south with the great Indus flowing right through Ladakh, the province is divided into Leh, the capital, Nubra, Zanskar, lower Ladakh and Rupshu. 

About Road Trip

Ladakh has been always the ultimate destination for all. A road trip to Ladakh and within its beautiful lands is one of the finest adventures you will ever indulge in. The stunning valleys, the magnificent mountains and the breathtaking views of the landscape call every traveller to explore. Ladakh is amongst the most admired spots to visit in India on the list of engine bikers over the nation. Travelling to Leh Ladakh by road is one of the best things holidaymakers and adventure seekers can do. There are mainly two motorable routes to reach here, the first being the Zoji La Pass connecting Srinagar to Ladakh and Rohtang Pass that connects Manali to Ladakh. The scenic scenes make the drive from Manali or Srinagar to Leh in Ladakh an uncommon amongst the most amazing trips you can ever indulge in. The highways heading to Leh are open just in the months of May and October and remains snow-covered for the rest of the months. 

Travelling By Bike

It is said that the beauty of Ladakh can be best enjoyed through a bike trip. Riding through the amazing beauty of the region is something which will be admired by you every day. There are two different routes that lead to Ladakh- one from Srinagar and the other from Manali: Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh. If you are travelling from Srinagar then you will be covering a distance of 434 km. If you are taking the route of Manali to Leh then you will be covering a distance of 490km. For your best experience in the mountains, Royal Enfields are the best bike for your daring trip. These bikes are great and easily cruise on highways as well as the rocky terrain of Ladakh. It is advisable for you to choose a bike with higher displacements which will put less weight on the motor and you can cover bigger distances. Select the bike which suits you the best and have one of the best Ladakh road trips of your life.

Travelling by Jeep/car

You can set out on a jeep ride to Leh from Srinagar, Manali or Chandigarh depending on the time you have. You can just go to Ladakh by street between May to September. 

Travelling by  Bus

 Ladakh is connected with Jammu by roads. Two routes are there through which you can reach Ladakh. One is the route of Srinagar to Ladakh by Zoji La Pass and the other route is Manali to Ladakh by Rohtang Pass. Zoji La Pass opens in June and October and Rohtang Pass opens in June and September. JKSRTC and HRTC give transport services. 

Leh Ladakh Road Trip Guide:

While visiting Ladakh is a fantastic experience, it is not really an easy trip. One needs to be prepared for it. Here are some essential guidelines for making your trip better-

1. The weather in the Ladakh region can be quite unpredictable. The icy cold winds can make it feel much colder as well, so be well prepared. Pack thermal wear, good windcheater, gloves, cap, and sweaters. If you are biking, make sure you have full riding gear with a protective lining, as it can get really cold near the passes.

2. Carry a sleeping bag and a small tent, if possible, to protect yourself from the elements. Carry a day’s worth of rations as well – drinking water and high-energy foods. Carry Battery pack / solar charger or car charger,  postpaid mobile connection, Photocopies of Passport / Aadhaar card/licence for inner line permits, Medicines, including Diamox, for altitude mountain sickness and Garbage bags to collect your trash.

3. Get your car or bike serviced before the trip. Make sure it has a healthy battery. The tyres should be in good condition, with a reasonable amount of tread in them. The brakes and clutch should be inspected and fixed before the trip.

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