First time travelling with infant: Things you must know
Aug 2020
First time traveling with an infant: Things you must know

The joy of becoming a parent for the first time is beyond every happiness in the world. The basis of a new happy life of parents is their child. They wish their child to be healthy. While wishing this, parents are also afraid that their beloved child should never have any problem.

After having children, our life is neither the same as before nor your trip. Taking your child on a trip for the first time is full of lots of mixed emotions. You will feel adventurous, super excited, worried, and full of nervousness. It is natural for all the new parents to raise some questions. What is now ready to go on a trip or not? Will the environment of the child be appropriate and friendly for him? Will the children be able to enjoy it? Some similar questions awaken the minds of all new parents. To overcome all this fear, we need some extra planning. Let's know things you must know while taking baby on a first time trip:-

Book Right seats of Airplane:-

Have you Booked your plane Tickets for your trip? If not, then booked it with pre seat plan. Book your seat with a window and aisle seat instead of that side by side like window and middle or middle or aisle. If you have a baby you can request at the airport that if all seats are not booked then they don’t allow anyone to sit middle of you and the middle seat will get vacant for you. If all seats are booked then you can offer him to the middle guy to sit at the window seat or aisle seat and then you can sit beside each other.
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Proper Bag pack Needed:-

While traveling with infant there is some extra need to back for the baby. Please do care while choosing both cabins and check-in luggage. We should keep all Baby’s items in check-in luggage which is needed by going to hotel. But for the flight that you have to travel from the airport to the hotel, you will have to keep some luggage in the cabin bag as well. 
Items to carry in Cabin / Check-in bag for baby
Some snacks and baby food
Formula milk if baby not on breast milk
Baby toiletries items
Babies wet wipes
Diaper Rash cream

Must care About Baby food:-

It is always a good idea for carrying your baby’s food especially while traveling to a foreign country. All country has its own brand of Baby food so keep your own Baby food, because infants can fall ill soon after eating differently.

Bring Your Baby’s stroller:-

You will need to carry your right stroller with you on your trip.
But the question arises which type of stroller you need?
If you are going for a short trip, you need to carry the light weighted stroller. It is cheap and easy to transport.
If you are going for a long trip, you need a full-sized durable stroller so the baby can sleep on it.

Book Right Hotel:-

If you have not booked your hotel then read this point with extra care while choosing your hotel. Don’t assume that all hotels have cribs for babies. You can ask them or request them to arrange a room with cribs. Check whether your hotel has kid’s rooms or not. When you don’t want to go out and take rest at the hotel then your infant can play in Kid’s room. While choosing your Hotel do remember that they have a kid’s swimming pool or not. You can enjoy a lot in the swimming pool with your infant because they love to do so.
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Proper child vaccination /medicine needed:-

If you are planning for a trip then before you go your infant already gets vaccinated. You must carry baby’s medicine and antibiotics as a precaution basis. But please must consult your pediatrician first. 

Carry Baby’s entertainment items:-

Bring some baby’s entertainment items like a soft toy, rattles, musical toy, and their favorite storybooks so baby can’t bore in flight as well while going outside. 

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