Amazing places to visit in Asia, Best places to visit in Asia in 2021 after pandemic
Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021
Amazing places to visit in Asia- 2021
Asia, the largest continent in the world has a lot of exciting countries for travel addicts. You can spend your vacations by travelling from one island to another, spend your nights by partying on the beach, and your days by eating delicious street food. It is a part of the world where you will experience things who have never imagined. From the Flowers of Japan to the temples of Bhutan, Asia is full of breathtaking  views. So, to make your trip easier, here are the four most pop So, to make your trip easier, here are the most popular tourist destinations in Asia you must pay a visit at least once in your lifetime.

One can't simply have a vacation in Asia without visiting the Maldives. It is an island that provides an atmosphere that's seems much like a paradise on Earth. With its tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches, clear oceans and mysterious jungles, Maldives is a country that promotes exploration. You might have seen photos of private beach huts over clear blue oceans on white beaches . But, when you lay your eyes on that view in person, you won't believe your eyes.

Hong Kong:-
Well, to make things simpler, Hong Kong has a rich history as it was transferred to China's possession in 1997 after years of British colonization. So, there are a lot of Different cultural customs that people follow in Hong Kong, which makes it a very exotic place to visit. With English and Chinese being its official language .Hong Kong has so many visitors each year, which makes getting a permit visa very easy, especially for Indians. 

Known as the "virgin beauty", Bali is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Despite its beauty, many people are not familiar with this place, and that is exactly what makes it special. It is a daydream for anyone who loves the tropical rain forests, sandy shores, and towering volcano.

Tokyo is the best city for you to visit if you still haven't. Japan's mega city is one of an examples of fast life as you will be fascinate by the streets, Sound of trains, and the constant rush of cars. With no doubt, Tokyo is a city that is on constant motion, and you will hardly find an empty road here. The thing that attracts visitors is a mixture of historical architecture with a lot of urban parks and buildings. Japan is all about culture and food. You will get known to a lot of exciting things to eat and old traditions, which will left you with a lot of stories to tell.

The Mekong River provides ways for the locals to sell their crops. You can find many tropical fruits you can think of. 
Floating along the river, the view is beautiful and tropical. You can get off the river at different locations, to visit the city or temples. 

Patong, Thailand:-
Pa tong is the place to go for a great nightlife. At night there are over a hundred restaurants, bars and discos. 

Taj Mahal, India:-
In 1632 an Emperor started with the construction of a mosque to commemorate his favorite wife. It was finished in 1648 and it is the jewel of the Muslim community in India. It has beautiful gardens, symbolizing paradise, or a heaven on earth .If you have not yet seen this beautiful white marble mosque, be sure to visit it when you can!

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