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Agatti Island Airport Lakshadweep(AGX) all information, flights schedule and routes

Agatti Airport Address Information:
Agatti Aerodrome
Address: Agatti Aerodrome, Lakshadweep, India
Phone:  91-4894-242615

About Agatti Airport:

Agatti Airport serves the Agatti Island of the Lakshadweep Union Territory. The Airport was established back in the year 1988. It is the sole airstrip in the archipelago, which lies off the west coast of India. The airport is constructed on an area of 45.9 acres of land. Agatti airport features a single runway measuring 1204 m in length and 30 m in width. The Airport terminal building can handle 150 passengers during peak hours. Navigational aids include a DME and NDB. It is managed and operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).The airport has direct flights from Kochi and Bangalore, and via these cities, it is also linked to most parts of the country. Air India is the main airline operating the airport. At Agatti Island airport, passengers are provided with all the basic facilities.

Agatti Terminals Guide:
The airport has a single terminal with a passenger holding capacity of 25 each, for arrivals as well as for departures. With modest passenger traffic, the airport is equipped with 1 check-in and 1 security counter each. The terminal building of the airport covers an area of 566 square meters. At Agatti Island airport, passengers are provided with trolleys for carrying luggage, a wheelchair for escorting physically challenged as well as aged passengers and a medical facility. A parking area for 75 cars about 2,000 square meters are available for visitors and travelers.

Particulars of Agatti Airport:

Airport Code: IATA: AGX, ICAO: VOAT 
Airport Name: Agatti Aerodrome
City Name: Agatti Island
State: Lakshadweep
Distance from city: 5 km from the city

Agatti Airport Facilities:

Medical Facilities: Free medical assistance available.
 Information Desk: The Airport provides the information desk for the travelers' convenience where they ask their can queries.
 Luggage services:
Agatti airport Provide safety to the customers' baggage by wrapping it. Baggage providing counters provides passengers claim checked-in baggage.  One can take the trolley service to take luggage to the check-in counter.

Connectivity with the Agatti City Lakshwadeep :

The airport is directly or indirectly linked by flights to major cities in the country. It is operated and managed by the Airports Authority of India. The airport has direct flights from Kochi and Bangalore, and via these cities, it is also linked to most parts of the country. Air India is the main airline operating the airport. Lakshwadeep is connected to Cochin by sea route. Seven passenger ships operate between the two ports and it takes 14–20 hours for the passager. Auto rickshaws are available at the airport. Travelers can take via these autos to their desired key location on the island.

About Lakshadweep, Agatti Island :

One of the most popular islands of Lakshadweep, Agatti Island is a 6 km long land terrain blessed with aquatic diversity. With coral growths, multi-colored fishes, and sea turtles, this island is a hub for marine life. The Islamic religion is said to have been brought by Arab traveler Ibn Batuta. Most people speak Malayalam and English and Tamil language. Agatti is one of the Lakshadweep islands open to tourism. Visitors, however, are allowed to the Island under certain restrictions. Agatti Island connects Lakshadweep to the rest of India. Fishing is the primary occupation of the island's residents and there's a variety of seafood on offer. 

It is a place where a traveler can indulge in some of the most interesting water sports and adventure activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, sailing, and water skiing on the beaches. The rich and diverse culture of the island’s population is displayed through high-spirit and vibrant festivals and celebrations held in this place. Although there are numerous tribal festivals that are celebrated but amongst all Id-Ul-Fitr celebrated after the month of Ramadan is one such festival which is celebrated. 

Places to Visit:

  • Mohiyudeen Mosque
  •  Golden Jubilee Museum

Agatti Weather:

Summer ( March-May )-
One of the ideal times to visit Lakshadweep Islands, the summer months, falling between March and May.
Monsoon (June - September)-
Monsoons are beautiful, but they may hinder a vacation beyond measure. 
Winter ( September - February )-
The best time to visit Lakshadweep Islands is between September and February.