This post is cover almost everything you need to know about Dubai. So here is my Dubai Travel Guide!
May 2023

Dubai Travel Guides: for first time travelers

Dubai Travel Guides: For first-time travelers

Most people are worried for the first time to visit any destination they want to go i.e what to do when to go, places to visit, and many more. The main motive of this article is to gather enough information to make sure that you are prepared for that city or country. This post is covering almost everything you need to know about Dubai.

So here is my Dubai Travel Guide!


Only US Passport holders need not get visas to go to Dubai. As an Indian resident, you need a visa to visit UAE.

Flights to Dubai:

Emirates Airlines provides direct services from Delhi to Dubai. Emirates Airlines have deals often and they fly from several cities across India. These are the airlines that provide direct flights to Dubai i.e. Emirates, Air India, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Saudia, Spicejet, China Southers, and Aeroflot. 

Best time to visit Dubai:

Dubai is HOT!. From November to March is to be called the best time to visit Dubai because this time the temperature drops and the weather is pleasant and warm. During this time prices to be a bit higher. In the summer months from June to August, Dubai is much cheaper to go as there is too hot weather at this time.

Where to stay in Dubai:

There is no shortage of hotels in Dubai, especially luxury hotels. The most crowded location in Dubai is all around the Dubai mall where Burj Khalifa is located. The other crowded location is near Dubai Marina with Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. On the complete opposite end of this area are the Dubai airport and Old Dubai with the souks. Along most of this area is Jumeirah Beach filled with beach resorts, shops, and restaurants. 

As per your interests, you may choose the best place to stay accordingly.

Getting around:

Just like any other major tourist city in the world, there is a lot of traffic in Dubai. There is also rush hour traffic. Traffic is much heavier on weekdays. Their weekend days are Friday and Saturday. Traffic is much lighter at the end of the week.

Taxis: Anyone wants to explore by themselves but at a low price then go for regular taxis rather than luxe one. Before sitting in the taxi must sure that the meter is on or not. Anyone can also ask for the price from one location to another.

Metro: Another way to explore the city is by metro. During rush time or maybe called a weekday, the best option is to choose the metro.

Hop-On/Hop-Off Buses: This is another way to see Dubai is to take Bus i.e located at the Dubai mall for pick up and drop and have different routes that cover all the main areas.

What to wear in Dubai:

Basically, tourists and ex-pats wear regular clothes. Dubai traditional clothes are hijab and abaya and must wear at the time of visiting the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi or any other Mosque in Dubai. 

Closed-toe shoes with pants for men and long skirts for ladies with your shoulders covered while dining in restaurants in Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.


Most people were fluent in English and Arabic. The street signs, menus, basically all the signage are in both Arabic and English. This made it very easy to navigate and location in Dubai.

Food & Alcohol:

The food is fresh and it is delicious! Dubai is known for its multicultural cuisines as easily been available as per your food choice. There is a heavy Asian, including Indian, influence on the food in Dubai.

Pork meat is not available at the restaurant in Dubai as this is a Muslim country. However, there is plenty of seafood, lamb, beef, and chicken meat. Popular dishes include shawarma (sliced meat like a kebab), hummus, curried dishes, basmati rice, and marinated whole fish.

Alcohol: Tourists are allowed to drink at licensed hotels, bars, and restaurants in Dubai. However, you are not allowed to drink in public, including on the beach. Public drunkenness is prohibited in Dubai.

Tourist activities:

Burj Khalifa

Friday Buffet Brunch at Saffron in the Atlantis Resort

Atlantis, The Palm

The Dubai Fountains

Desert Safari

Miracle Garden

Global Village

Dhow Cruise

Abu Dhabi

One-day Tour In Dubai:

Dubai Sightseeing Tour includes:

1.Abu Dhabi City tour with Ferrari World

2. Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari

3. Dubai City Tour with Dhow Cruise Dinner/ Marina Cruise Dinner

4. Atlantis Aquaventure

5.Sunset Desert Safari with BBQ dinner

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